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    good question...
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    Da User Dictionary

    Who is JOSEPH? What does mkw stand for? Find out here, the user dictionary!

    Table of contents:

    1. # - J (here)
    2. K - Z (scroll down after the first post)

    If you want to be featured in the Dictionary, you may submit your entries in a reply with a short statement about yourself. You can also choose what color your name is in.

    ENTRY FORMAT (example):

    Put a colon, not a dash. NO RAINBOWS, GRADIENT, WHITE, BOLD, ITALIC, UNDERLINE, or a combination of any of those just listed.


    so here's how mine looks like: JOSEPH mkw: The biggest Mario Kart fan you'll find.

    - # -

    - A -

    - B -

    - C -

    - D -

    - E -

    - F -

    - G -

    - H -

    - I -

    - J -

    JOSEPH mkw: The biggest Mario Kart fan you'll find.

    Submit your user dictionary entries below in a reply and let's make this a sticky

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    south africa yes we have internet here
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    jeffrocks: the awesomest dude ever and he has a nintendo 3DS

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