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    Quote Originally Posted by skidmarx View Post
    what about that f'd up kfc chicken thing with bacon in the middle that sounds like a heart attack waiting to happen
    Yo, I think they had to change it! That thing looks so gross. I want to shove a telephone pole up the creator's @$$. "Yea I know there's a huge health problem in this country, but I've got the best idea!"

    As for my sandwiches, if I make it, I like it standard, (technically this still works. I was going to change it, but it sounds sophisticated) mayo and bread on both slices of cheese and ham in the middle of the cheese. Now I'm just playing games with this lol.

    If I'm at Subway, Publix, etc. I get mayo, mustard, (or just honey mustard), ham, cheese, bologna, salami, lettuse, jalapeños, and green peppers.
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