The countdown to the release of Mario Kart 8 is finally just around the corner, and the Shellslingers group---the longest running Mario Kart clan exclusively for parent and hard working adult gamers---is already keeping busy with providing several features specifically geared towards the Wii U even before the game hits the retail shelves! Take a look at the following updates that all members are privy to regardless if you sign up down the road or have been with us for some time.

Mario Kart Wii Goodbye Event - We have been playing Mario Kart Wii since it launch way back in 2008, and we tipped our hat to all the fond memories of playing together on the very last Friday that the Nintendo Wii will have online servers by holding a World War Wii Event. The Shellslinger members that ended up on the podium at the end of the event were GS*Cher, GS*Freddy, and GS*Miiagi. Cher, as the first place winner, will receive an extra special custom forum rank, yet all members who participated are receiving custom ranks as well.

GS*Nester provided a live stream of the entire event, and you watch a recording of this stream at the following URL: . Snapshots by me and videos of a few of the "after party" world wide races by GS*Balki can be viewed in our forum's topic about the event: . Thank you for the great memories. Mario Kart Wii is dead; Long live Mario Kart 8!

Mario Kart 8 Stats Calculator / Combination Builder - We set a milestone by publishing the first dynamic feature that allows Mario Kart 8 players to create different Character/Kart/Tire/Glider combinations and compare it against other combos. Our members are already using it quite often, and you are welcome to try it out for yourself:

Koopalings Animated Smilies and Custom MK8 BBCode - We know we are going to talk about Mario Kart 8 in our clan's forum. A lot. That is why we are already having a little fun with installing some new ways to enhance our discussions. First, all seven of the Koopalings can be have an animated presence in your posts simply by typing ":[the Koopaling name]:." Second, you can readily call up MK8 images by using our new "[mk8][/mk8]" tags. Just type the character's or cup's name between the tags, and it will appear!


Keep checking back because these additions are merely building blocks on grander forum features we have planned!

Get your Mii Face On! - We proudly offer our members a feature that no other clan (yet) offers. Each Shellslinger member can receive their one forum plug-in that shows off a dynamic version of the the Mii attached to their NNID. We give you your own BBCode (i.e.: [yourname][/yourname]) to use in your posts and signatures. Type the expression you want to use between your tags (for example: happy), and that is the expression your Mii will show. Since the information is being pulled directly from Nintendo, your Mii will instantly change on our forums if you change it on your Wii U. See examples of what I mean and request your own Mii plug-in here:

Thank you for reading some of the member perks we have rolled out even before Mario Kart 8 is released. If you are looking for a group of older gamers who also value your wish to make your MK8 experience about getting together with friends, sharing some laughs, and burning some mushroom rubber, than you are invited to join the Shellslingers! Visit us. Register in our clan's forum. Let the good times roll.

Shellslingers - The Mario Kart 8 Clan for Adults.