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Thread: El Pollo Clan

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    El Pollo Clan

    Clan Site: http://elpollo.webs.com/
    Good day my friends I am DaSensitve and i will be the newest Clan leader for Black Ops

    If you speak Spanish then you would know that El Pollo means "The Chicken"
    Yes I know this is a silly name but it is far more deadly then it sounds.

    Now down to business, this clan is more than just a few good player and alot of noobs, this clan is about brotherhood and freedom. This Clan will be FAR more successful then the feared OLD GUYZ Clan.
    The registration for the clan starts by copy and pasting this down:

    COD Name:

    and answering
    The Ranks for El Pollo are in this order from highest to lowest:

    Comandante en Jefe:Leader
    General de Ejército:Co-Leader
    Coronel:Military Tactician
    Mayor:Commander of all Soldado
    Capitán:Squad Leader
    Sargento:Training Commander

    Yes I know that
    my spelling may be off but these are the CUBAN MILITARY ranks
    The list of medals in highest honor to lowest are:

    Medal of Honor:Save a Leader in combat
    Veteran:Member for over a year
    Rambo:Get over 50 kills in a match
    Terminator:Get over 20 kills in a match
    Chuck Norris:Kill a person over and over for 5 minutes
    Stars and Stripes:Win a match on 4th of July
    Cluster Bomb:Kill 3 people with a Frag Grenade
    I'm Stuck:Stick a person
    Terrorists:Get 100 kills with any AK weapon
    Nooby Tubey:Use a grenade launcher

    For the Medal of Honor you must save the Leader or Co-Leader
    Some rules must be followed in order for you to stay in the clan

    1.No Rapidfire attachment use
    2.Must obtain at least 1 pro perk
    3.KDR must be over .50
    4.No arguing
    5.Squads must work together

    if any of these rules are broken you will immediately be exiled from the clan
    To join one must first prove to a leader he or she is worthy to join

    Destroy an attack heli
    Get Dogs

    You must not be in a clan and a leader must be present
    For El Pollo!
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    Join El Pollo Black Ops Clan!

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