If you're 17 and over, feel free to post here and notify me. We can play any Call of Duty (although I play Black Ops most). I'm $$-xXxTBG 2.0 online, I'm 15th prestige legit, and my k/d is 2.25.

If you are also interested in joining the clan I'm in, visit Savage Soldiers 2.0 - Home and talk to someone in the chat box on the main page. We're all 17 or over, the youngest being 17 and the oldest in his early 40s. We're boys and girls alike, some of us have kids and we're approaching 20 members. We play for fun, not for skill being like a big immature, funny family. We are on just about every night, we all have Wii mics but use Skype on the computer to chat mid game for greater quality, more than 5 people chat, we can chat with people not on the game and we also use it because we don't have to be in a match or in a lobby to chat.