I'm basically posting this thread because I'm tired of playing with people who don't know what there doing, and to see if the picture in my sig is working.
I'd prefer a clan that had requirments-ex- kdr~ 2.00+ or something like that.
I previously had another wii but it broke(wouldnt play any discs) I had an extra wii in the other room and started playing again. My first account kdr was a 3 something.

My stats. I have two accounts now. One for sniping and one for being a 'Tryhard'.
Kdr- 5.70 -L96A1 account.
Kdr- 18.00 - Tryhard account.
I dont usually play on the tryhard account.
~~Favorite weapon- L96A1.~~

I don't know my ally code by heart. So may post it later or just leave yours.