Hey this is Han Solo aka Rage. I am leader of the Star Wars Clan. We have 6 members at the moment. We are recruiting as of this moment....

This is our site:http://starwarsclange.webs.com/
Some Rules
1. No Hackers
2. Have Respect for everyone
3. No Spamming
4. Respect all other clans
5. No Accusing someone of hacking with out proof.
6. Have Fun

When you join you will have to think of a Star Wars name that is not taken. And put * in the beginning and the end of your name.. Example *Han Solo*.

Some may call this a alt. clan. Well that is partially true. We are a alt clan that is going to build up into a regular Clan. Please No Trolls in this thread. Only people that want to join or wish good luck
The Site has the link to the chat room.

Han Solo