I know I am just another new member to everyone, but I noticed that the CoD 5 Fc Exchange thread has gone dead. And, most people that have posted on there havn't been active on these forums since 2010 if not earlier then that. So I was thinking, why not make a new CoD 5 Fc Exchange thread, that way we can add Active members, instead of the ones that havn't been active in the past 2 to 3 years, that will not add you. Mostly being because, they will probably never see your PM, or visitor message.§§§§§§§§But without another comment, my CoD 5 Fc is 1464-3528-1324If you have added me either PM me, leave a message with your Fc on my profile page, or post a reply in this thread.§§§§§§§§Danke! ^.^