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I don't need guitar hero. I can play the real thing. This is just the new DDR to me. It's a game that makes you sound really pathetic for playing it. It's an air guitar simulator. I kind of liked the approach of DDR, yeah yu weren't doing anything but stomping quickly on a footpad to the same techno beats over and over bu you were getting a decent workout. This is just button pressing sequences. There was a crappy toy in the 90's called simon that did the same thing, only it just beeped and lit up. Why not pick up a real guitar and a few books and teach yourself? It's more rewarding when you yourself create the music rather than follow the sequence of button-mashing to hear the tv replay stairway to heaven perfectly. I'm sorry but I fail to see the point to this game.

Thats like saying instead of playing a game with airplanes you should go out and buy an airplane and some books and teach yourself. You obviously fail to see the point of playing a video game. It lets you do things you cant do in real life as soon as you pick up the controller(I know it seems like a hard concept to grasp).