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    Quote Originally Posted by wezeles
    lol give it up... there is no reason to bash it just cause its outselling... the fact is sony and nintendo are the only ones with strong "world" markets.. xbox isnt there yet... but i think they will be this time around with ps3 being out... they have sold over 5 million units in 4 months.. no one could keep up with that....
    that wasnt bashing
    and wii isnt outselling anyone

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    have you read any of the stats on consoles? january it went


    same in december ...novemeber is kinda different but they were last to launch.. and sales are all over the place cause of the holiday season and lack of supply from all 3 consoles ..

    and based on the numbers for febuary wii again outsold everyone..

    you cant compare 360 sales now.. to wii sales now.. 360 has been out a year and a half and sold double the amount of the wii in 4 months..so if the wii kept its pace "which it wont" that would mean that it would sell over 20 million in the same time as the 360 took to sell 10million...

    now go look at 360 sales at launch.. granted it wasnt released durring a rush season to buy it.. but the first 4 months arnt as good as wii's

    your just as big of a fanboy as anyone else here.. im just stating facts.. i think for the price all the consoles are a good buy, maybe not for everyone but each console has great things about them...
    but compared to every other console with the lower price and new gameplay wii just grabbed a hole new market of gamers that the others wont get... familys that didnt want video games in the house are letting the wii in cause its not GTA or Halo.. they wont mind there kids playing it.. and the parents play it too... its something that hasnt been seen sence the first NES came out.. you can only call it hype for so long eventually your gonna have to settle with the fact that nintendo is winning this round...

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