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    Bowser does not look like a plushy. He looks like a half turtle/half dragon, same as always. His head matches his body fine imo.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ssbb_lover
    To point out the GFX even more...look at the platform he's standing on. Look at all the "tech" detail on it...incredible. SSBB will far surpass SSB & SSBM, especially with online play.
    Yea, Online play!!!
    Im gunna $hit my pants!!!!
    I cant imagine just doing a tournament online!!!
    So cool...
    DAAAAAMMIT!!! I cant go online my internet dont work <.<
    lol, I dont have the thing to hook up online.... if any1 were to help me out with that..... that would just be super pooper
    I c not why the Earth begins to suck more every year
    I c not why the people begin to be gay...
    I c not why my family begins to widdle away
    I do c that Nintendo is all I have left of my old life

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