LostWinds: Winter of Melodias

On Wednesday, development studio Frontier officially announced the next installment in its acclaimed WiiWare franchise, LostWinds, named LostWinds: Winter of Melodias. You continue the game as the hero of the first game, Toku, who has the power to control wind. However, in the new game you will gain the power to shift time and change seasons to help save other villages and your mother from an ancient curse.

Players are able to instantly transform Mistralis between summer and winter, harnessing the brilliance of nature. The studio says, "Frozen winter ponds and waterfalls become deep, teeming summer pools and chambers in which to dive and unlock secrets," and "enemies can be frozen or doused, and the very air itself used to form snowballs or moisture-laden clouds."

Toku will take on new wind-based abilities like the cyclone, useful for transporting the character, smashing powerful enemies and even drilling through rocks.

Frontier said it would reveal the WiiWare title's price and release date at a later time.

Reported by: anthonybest1