Yesterday we brought you news of forthcoming WiiWare slasher horror game Last Flight. As promised, we now have fresh and suitably gory screenshots to show you, as well as more details from Last Flight’s executive producer Marcin Kawa. Marcin refers to Last Flight as an episodic action-adventure horror game that utilises the Wii’s motion-sensing technology.* He likens the game to Golden Axe, but adds that it has much more depth to the gameplay than a simple slasher.

As we mentioned in our previous report, there’s lots of dark humour to be found in Last Flight’s storyline, which revolves around culinary critic Larry Adelman who has the misfortune to be on the same ill-fated flight as Anna, a sexy Romanian temptress, and her vampire travelling companion. You can see how well that journey turned out from the shots below!

According to Marcin, Bloober Team chose to make Last Flight an episodic WiiWare game because, being a fledgling development house, they want to make their game as “accessible and affordable” as possible. They also believe that the unique Wii Remote control system is ideally suited to the action in the game, as well as recognising that there are not enough adult games for the core audience for the Wii, an omission that they wanted to address. We can’t wait to see how it turns out!

If you want to know more about the progress of Last Flight, you can also follow Marcin on his Twitter page.