Rumors have been fluttering around regarding the auto-pilot mode. This mode will be showcased in the upcoming Wii title, Super Mario Bros. Wii. The “Kind Code” is specially made for those who struggle when playing a video game. The player will be able to switch to the auto-pilot and let the game run itself through the levels. The player may jump back in at any given time.

The playthroughs presented in the game are not pre-rendered videos or pre-planned for a set course. The game in-engine will kick in and actually play through the level.

In Super Mario Bros. Wii, the player will be able to switch to the auto-pilot at any given time. As stated by a Nintendo representative, the run through will not reveal any secrets or shortcuts, it will be up to the player to fully reveal and unlock them. The auto-pilot will also only be able to be turned on at the beginning of a level.

For those who struggle with side-scrollers or get stuck at certain parts will be able to use this feature to help them through the game.