According to a hot-off-the-press story on Gaming blog Nintendo and Pokemon have today confirmed details of a brand new Wii Pokemon game that is due to be released in Japan on December 5th at a price of* ¥4, 500. Early bundles will include an exclusive 3D-sticker set* to customise your Wii Remote. The game will be called PokePark Wii: Pikachu’s Big Adventure, and is set in a world called Poke Park, which you must save from danger, although at the time of writing we don’t know exactly what sort of danger. Possibly in danger of being overrun by cute Pokemon, maybe?

According to, gamers will get the chance to control Pikachu and interact with other Pokemon in a series of mini games. These include a tag game where Pikachu runs after his Poke-chums and tags them, another game in which he uses his electrical power to zap other Pokemon and sap their energy, and a quiz where you get to answer questions from Pokemon.* After all this exertion, the idea is that Pikachu can befriend the other Pokemon (he’ll have a job after that zapping game) and join forces with them when facing the other challenges in the park, which include the likes of Wii Remote-shaker racing game Furi Furi Dash, flying Pokemon game Habataki Sky Race and swimming game Marine Slider.

Fans can also take pictures of their favourite moments in the game via the special screen-shot mode and save them to a memory card. No confirmation yet as to when this will be released in other regions, if at all.