After all that fuss yesterday about the new black Wii Remote, Nyko Technologies must have been laughing up its sleeve knowing what it was about to reveal today. The maker of the award-winning Wand® Remote controller for the Wii today unveiled four new colours for the Wand: black, blue, pink and purple. And as you can see from the photos, they look good enough to eat. The purple, blue and pink Wands all have matching buttons, and the black Wand boasts a bright red “A” button. All four Wands come with a matching silicone jacket, and feature Nyko’s Trans-Port™ technology which enables the Wand and other compatible peripherals to communicate digitally.

“We’re rolling out new colours for the Wand just in time for the holidays,” said marketing director Chris Arbogast. “We want consumers to have high quality and fun alternatives to the standard controller options, and the new colour Wands will bring a variety of choices and splashes of colour into the game room.”

US gamers can pick up the Wands right now at Walmart stores nationwide for an MSRP of $29.99, and at further retail outlets in the near future.