Nintendo has today released a Super Skills showcase movie for the forthcoming Super Mario Bros. Wii game, due out on November 15th in the US, 20th in Europe and December 3rd in Japan. This latest tantalising clip focuses on the Super Skills moves featured in the game that are designed to provide a fresh challenge for veteran Mario gamers. As you make your way through the game, you will unlock Hint Movies that will show off some of the mad skills of some of the most talented gamers on Nintendo’s development team.

In the jaw-dropping video you can see the new power-ups in action, as well as examples of precision jumping and co-op techniques between the two brothers. The moment when Mario and Luigi are both riding on Yoshis and bouncing off Bullet Bills quite frankly makes me weep tears of joy and want to run down to my local games shop right now and sleep on the pavement until November.

Watch the mouth-watering new trailer here:

And check out the Nintendo UK Media page for another new trailer and some screenshots: