A Boy and His Blob was released on October 13 and has been getting a very small amount of press. Published by Majesco Games, it is a remake and an inspired sequel to the 1989 release of the NES version. A Boy and His Blob brings in fundamental platforming with challenging puzzles to solve. The story revolves around, as many would guess, a boy and a blob. The planet Blobolonia is in desperate struggle, and the blob comes to earth to seek help from a boy. Both of them go on an adventure to rid of the evil takeover.

As mentioned earlier, the game is a platformer with puzzle elements incorporated within. The boy feeds the blob jelly beans to morph the blob into a variety amount of forms. These forms may include an anvil, parachutes, or other interesting objects. The transformations solely depend on the kind of jelly bean the player feeds to the blob. With this being said, these transformations are used to solve difficult, mind-bending puzzles.

The game includes a total of 80 stages (40 levels and 40 challenge levels). Even though this game is a spiritual remake of the NES version, it is not an exact copycat of it’s predecessor. There are different types of enemies, new blob transformations, and new puzzles to solve. The game also includes “no lives”, meaning a game over screen will not appear, nor will you encounter heavy punishment for a costly mistake or a hiccup when playing. Along with this, there are an unlimited amount of jelly beans, no continues, and checkpoints are always just around the corner.

The puzzles in this game can be very challenging. Some puzzles will require the player to think out a pattern. Some others will require trial and error. Some may even require pure luck. Without any game overs or heavy punishment, the puzzles will not make the player frustrated. The player can keep trying until they get it right. The art direction was heavily praised, as the sprites and locations were hand-drawn. They proved the possibility of making a 2-D retail game look absolutely beautiful. The game’s art design is once again inspired by the NES version, bringing in a variety of colors and intricate landscapes and backgrounds.

For those looking for a great game to add to your Wii collection, this is a must-buy. Retailed only at forty dollars, it’s a steal for what you get in the package.

Developer: Wayforward Technologies
Publisher: Majesco Games
Release Dates:

  • -America: October 13th, 2009
  • -Europe: November 6th, 2009
Ratings: E, 7+