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    Charge Your Wii Remote with Energizer Induction Technology

    Charge Your Wii Remote with Energizer Induction Technology-1.052009-10-21 18:37:45Maura SEnergizer and Performance Designed Products® (PDP) today announced that they have come up with an ingenious way to charge your Wii Remote with the minimum possible effort or fuss, using their Energizer® Flat Panel Induction Charger, the latest in the Energizer Power & Play series. “Energizer is always looking at innovative solutions to power people’s lives and the Flat Panel Induction Charger does just that for everyone who likes gaming,” said Jeff Ziminski, chief marketing officer, Energizer. “Utilising contactless charging technology, the Flat Panel Induction Charger makes charging your Wii Remote simple and convenient.”

    All you need to do to charge your Wii Remote is insert the controller pack, then lay it down on the charge pad, where it will be held in exactly the right position by magnets. Um, that’s it. No messing about with wires and no need to fiddle around trying to remove silicone skins (hate that bit!), lanyards, or the Wii MotionPlus unit. “PDP wants to make charging your game controller as convenient and simple as possible, so you can continue on with the important part – gaming,” said John Moore, senior vice president of marketing, PDP. “The Energizer Power & Play product line continues to grow, and new products like the Energizer Flat Panel Induction Charger keep the line on the cutting edge.”

    The Energizer Flat Panel Induction Charger is now available to buy in stores nationwide in the United States. The two-Remote charger retails for $29.99, and the four-Remote charger will set you back $49.99.

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