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    Free NES Virtual Console Game Starting Today

    Free NES Virtual Console Game Starting Today-1.052009-10-22 09:38:491337endoStarting today, you can download a free NES title from Nintendo’s virtual console – as long as you previously paid for the Internet Channel. That’s right folks, good old Nintendo is offering a free Wii update for the Wii Shop Channel starting today, which enables you to get a free NES game of your choice. As long as it costs 500 Nintendo Points, it can be yours. This offer is only good for those who paid for the Internet Channel when it became priced at 500 points.

    Those who have downloaded the Internet Channel before Nintendo set a price on it will not have the ability to download the free NES game, unfortunately.* No word on if this update removes homebrew or other modified content, but I’d bet on it.

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