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    Cook or be Cooked ? Virtual Cooking on the Wii!

    Cook or be Cooked - Virtual Cooking on the Wii!-1.052009-10-22 09:43:52dascrowNAMCO BANDAI Games America Inc., turns the heat up to “broil” as they announce today that Food Network: Cook or Be Cooked has gone to manufacturing for Wii™, and will hit retail shelves throughout North America on November 3, 2009. Developed in partnership with Food Network, the first cable network dedicated to the power and joy of food, the game is designed to teach players real, practical cooking skills using their Wii Remote™ and Nunchuk™. From introductory lessons to more advanced challenges, Food Network: Cook or Be Cooked will make everyone a star chef. Releasing just in time for the holidays, Food Network: Cook or Be Cooked is an ideal, unique gift for the foodies and aspiring chefs on anyone’s list this season.

    With more than 30 recipes developed by the expert chefs of the Food Network Kitchens, the game delivers a truly authentic food experience from prep to plate. Realistic and fun challenges let Food Network fans, enthusiastic chefs and even kitchen-phobes perfect their culinary techniques mess-free with the motion-based Wii Remote and Nunchuk simulating an array of kitchen tools and utensils. From cracking an egg, to oiling a pan, to seasoning the perfect steak, Food Network: Cook or Be Cooked is designed to take the cooking experience from practice to practical, teaching skills which can ultimately be applied in the real kitchen, for a real-life delicious Food Network meal.

    There are never too many cooks in the kitchen with this game. Players encounter Food Network’s Vice President of Marketing and The Next Food Network Star judge, Susie Fogelson, and Food Network Kitchens chef Mory Thomas along the way for tips, feedback and reviews. Friends and family can cook all recipes side-by-side in cooperative Hot Potato mode for up to four players, or have a competitive split-screen cook-off with two players.

    Developed by Red Fly Studio, Food Network: Cook or Be Cooked is rated “E” for everyone by the ESRB and will carry a MSRP of $39.99. For more information on the game, please visit www.namcobandaigames.com or www.cookorbecooked.com.

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