James Cameronís Avatar: The Game Out On Dec 4-1.052009-10-22 13:11:53Maura SUbisoft has today announced that James Cameronís Avatar: The Game will be released on 1st December in the United States and 4th December in PAL territories.* The official game of Cameronís much anticipated first feature film since Titanic in 1997 (also due out in December), will take the player deep into the heart of alien planet Pandora, where they can meet the worldís inhabitants, the NŠ-vi, as well as many other amazing alien life-forms.

When conflict erupts between the planet-plundering RDA Corporation and the NŠ-vi, you get to choose whose side you want to fight on, and then develop your character and learn new skills as you progress through the game. Gameplay involves customising more than 60 RDA and NŠ-vi weapons combined, as well as choosing from 20 skills per clan. Along the way you get to drive vehicles and ride animals, and thereís also a multiplayer option of course. Itís no surprise, given Cameronís well-known interest in videogaming and technology in general,* that this is far from the usual cynical movie licence cash-in.* Indeed, Cameron has been very much involved in the making of the game.

ďFor the movie Avatar, we are creating a world rich in character, detail, conflict and cultural depth,Ē said Cameron. ďIt has the raw material for a game that the more demanding gamers of today will want to get their hands on Ė one that is rich in visuals and ideas, and challenging in play. I told the Ubisoft team I wanted them to be free to do their very best work, and not think of this as a movie-based game. They responded with a fully realized presentation which captured the soul of the world and the characters, while promising to be a knockout game on its own terms. Their passion inspired my confidence that they are going to do something transcendental.Ē