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    Friday’s Nintendo EU Downloads

    Friday’s Nintendo EU Downloads -1.052009-10-24 21:28:49Maura SAs if the general all-round awesomeness of Fridays wasn’t enough, what with it being the beginning of the weekend and all that, it’s also the day that the EU Wii Shop Channel gets stocked up with some fresh goodies, and we’ve certainly got some interesting ones this week. First up on WiiWare we have the unusual PictureBook Games: A Pop-Up Adventure. Something a little different, this is actually a board game for 1-4 players that you play on an animated pop-up book using cut-out characters. Instead of throwing dice to move around the board you use cards, and there’s a Magic Tome involved at some point too, isn’t there always?!

    Also on WiiWare we have Protöthea, a good old-fashioned top-down scrolling single-player shooter that spans four worlds and 10 missions. Take control of your very own spaceship and slow down time in your bold quest to destroy the Maqno 01 asteroid.

    And last but certainly not least, on Virtual Console we have Shinobi! Yes, the 1988 SEGA arcade classic is now available on your Wii. Play as ninja Joe Musashi as he goes on a non-stop ninja rampage using his katana blade, shuriken and fists and feet of fury on a one-man mission to rescue kidnapped children from the clutches of the Zeed gang.

    PictureBook Games: A Pop-Up Adventure from Nintendo costs 800 Wii Points and is rated 3 by PEGI.

    Protöthea™ from Ubisoft costs 1000 Wii Points and is rated 7 (Violence) by PEGI.

    Shinobi from SEGA costs 800 Wii Points and is rated 12 (Violence) by PEGI.

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