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    Arc Rise Fantasia Pushed to Summer 2010, Ignition Will Publish

    Arc Rise Fantasia Pushed to Summer 2010, Ignition Will Publish-1.052009-10-25 12:42:01RivalDestiny

    Arc Rise Fantasia, originally set to release early next year, is pushed back further to Summer of 2010. Furthermore, XSeed, a publisher who made the highly acclaimed Wild Arms series, have stepped down from the publishing of Arc Rise Fantasia. The developer Ignition, who recently released Muramusa on the Wii, will now be tackling the project head on.

    Arc Rise Fantasia is a turn-based role-playing game and focuses its attention to a unique battle system different from the many others in the market. The story revolves around a young man by the name of L’Arc, a mercenary. Like many other role-playing games, you are introduced to a variety of characters and a long, drawn-out story.

    For those who have been waiting for a good role-playing game on the Wii, you will have to wait a bit longer for this to come out.

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