SimAnimals Africa Out This Week -1.052009-10-26 19:09:42Maura SElectronic Arts’ EA Play label today announced that SimAnimals™ Africa for the Wii™ will be released worldwide this week. In the game, which has been developed by The Sims Studio, you get to tame all manner of wild and wonderful African beasts, including lions, gorillas and elephants, by making friends with them, stroking them and even helping them to explore their natural habitat, which includes swamps, deserts, savannas, jungles, mountains and river deltas.

“SimAnimals Africa transports players to the African wilderness where they must restore the balance of nature to win the game,” said Tim LeTourneau, general manager of the SimAnimals Franchise. “Throughout their journey, they’ll interact with exotic animals, learn to unlock their unique abilities, discover new locations, and uncover interesting collectibles. It brings the current focus on the environment home in a safe and entertaining way.”

Each animal that you encounter in SimAnimals Africa will have a secret ability for you to discover, such as a zebra’s kick or a crocodile’s hunting prowess. Use them to help you complete challenges and tasks and to unlock new creatures, locations and items. You can also interact with the animals via mini-games such as ring tossing and drumming, as well as playing as an actual animal yourself and getting to jump like a gazelle or sprinkle the land (with your trunk!) as an elephant.

SimAnimals Africa is rated E for Everyone by the ESRB and 3+ by PEGI. You can find out more about the game by visiting the official web site,