Fresh Pearl Harbor Trilogy WiiWare Screenshots Released-1.052009-11-08 07:40:26Maura SLegendo has today released three new screenshots and some artwork from their episodic WiiWare game Pearl Harbor Trilogy. The three screenshots show incoming fighters, battle-ships in danger and Pearl Harbor itself, while the artwork shows the Japanese command HQ aboard the carrier Agaki.

The episodic air combat action game series is a reinterpretation of Legendo’s Attack on Pearl Harbor PC game. The first episode, Red Sun Rising, is due very soon, and according to Legendo, development is “progressing well.” When it does finally hit the Wii Shop, players can look forward to taking control of several legendary WWII aircraft, including the P-40 Warhawk and the carrier-capable F4U Corsair as well as dog-fighting with Japanese A6M2 Zero fighters and Aichi D3A Val dive-bombers. The action takes place in some of the major locations of the Pacific Theatre, including Pearl Harbor, Wake Island and the Battle of Midway.

To learn more about the game you can also check out the official website.