Codemasters Talks About Formula 1 on the Wii-1.052009-11-11 09:22:00Maura SNed Waterhouse, lead designer for Codemasters’ Formula 1 game on the Wii, has spoken at length to the UK’s Guardian Newspaper about the experience of creating the much-anticipated official F1 game for the Wii.

“It was a massive challenge,” he told The Guardian’s Nicky Woolf. “We wanted to make sure that for the core F1 fans there were all of the tuning options: the exact circuits; the exact cars; the exact formats of the race weekends. You want to do a 72-lap full-length race on Interlagos as Jenson Button and win the world title. But we’re very conscious that we’re making a game for the Wii, which has a perceived demographic of more casual gamers. So what we set out to do – and I feel we’ve accomplished – is to produce a game that, while retaining all of that tactical depth, is very accessible.”

When asked if he had been frustrated by the Wii’s “limitations”, Waterhouse said that he hadn’t found that to be the case: “Not at all. I think as a platform to design for, it’s refreshing. It gives you as a designer a new set of challenges. You’re thrown problems which other development studios, doing HD racing games, have got the solution to already. So it was unique for us, and I hope that we rose to that challenge.”

Can’t wait! Formula 1 2009 will be released on 20th November.