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    New Super Monkey Ball Step & Roll Screenshots

    New Super Monkey Ball Step & Roll Screenshots-1.052009-11-18 09:46:17WiiSega has today released a whole load of screenshots from the forthcoming Super Monkey Ball Step & Roll party game, which is due out next February. The game is set to incorporate the Wii Balance Boardô so that you can experience how it feels to roll around like a little monkey in a ball, or if you donít fancy that you can always stick to the tried and tested Wii Remote and Nunchuk which will both be catered for. The game will also feature new puzzle levels and multiplayer mini games, including Seesaw Ball, Monkey Bowling and Monkey Race, where up to four players can participate. Other options include the chance to play with a friend in Co-op mode.

    Some of the screenshots also show brand new character Jam, your personal athletics trainer who will give you lots of tips and tricks about how to play the game. He looks like he might be a bit bossy though!

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