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    Unique Wiiwaa Puppet-Controlled Game Announced

    Unique Wiiwaa Puppet-Controlled Game Announced-1.052009-11-19 20:10:17Maura SWhatever will they think of next?! It seems not a day goes by without someone thinking of somewhere interesting to stick a Wii Remote, and today Zoink Games has announced possibly the maddest thing we’ve seen yet, Wiiwaa, a game that comes complete with a special plush toy puppet (pictured) that has a slot in which you can insert the Wii Remote. You then play the game by moving the puppet around, with the puppet’s movements being reflected in the gameplay as the Wiiwaa creature in the game explores the onscreen worlds, plays mini-games and follows the adventure storyline.

    “Use your Wiiwaa puppet to control this little fellow just like a puppeteer would do,” said Klaus Lyngeled, creative director, Zoink Entertainment, and concept originator. “Walk, jump, dance, do crazy somersaults – whatever you do with your Wiiwaa puppet directly affects the Wiiwaa in the game. This innovative control system makes it super intuitive to tell the creature where to go and what to do. I don’t think there has ever been a simpler and more natural way to play a videogame. Just pop in your controller and your Wiiwaa comes to life on the screen!” Check out the video below, it actually looks kind of fun!

    To find out more about the game, which does not yet have a release date, visit www.wiiwaaworld.com.

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