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    Sky Crawlers: Innocent Aces Announced For Wii

    Sky Crawlers: Innocent Aces Announced For Wii-1.052009-11-20 05:35:06Maura SNamco Bandai Games today announced the European and PAL release of Sky Crawlers: Innocent Aces exclusively for the Wii in February 2010. The flight action game is based on the 2008 Japanese anime feature film from acclaimed director Mamoru Oshii, and is described as having “a unique blend of high-altitude fighter action and beguiling Japanese anime production values”.

    Sky Crawlers: Innocent Aces has been developed by Project Aces, the team responsible for Ace Combat. It boasts hi-fidelity renditions of arcade-style aerial combat, with the Wii Nunchuk used as a joystick to control the planes in flight. When not dog-fighting in the vast blue skies, players can feast their eyes on over 30 minutes of anime cinematics.

    “The talented Project Aces team here in Tokyo have worked very hard to make the best possible flight game on Wii and we are very proud with what we have achieved,” said Daisuke Uchiyama, producer Namco Bandai Games Inc. “The control system lets players handle the game like a real aircraft, which is really a lot of fun for anyone who likes flight games.”

    The action takes place in a world where real war no long exists, so corporations hold fictional war shows instead. In the game, you play the role of an ace pilot who has been transferred from another base to the Rostock Corporation. Also newly arrived at the corporation is a squad of mysterious new pilots who all seem to be children, including one particularly gifted young girl, Maumi Orishina.

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    sounds good nice pics espically the first picture whats the anime its made from ima take a guess its the name of the game from one picture i see the gameplay screen with a target sight seems like it might be fun if the controls anit to crapy. i looked at the pics i think there might be a bit of customization by choseing you plane and paint job besides that not sure hopefully there will be weapon customizeation and online would be fun but i dont think so with the wii`s capabilties.
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