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    First English Screenshots For Shiren The Wanderer Released

    First English Screenshots For Shiren The Wanderer Released-1.052009-11-23 11:46:47Maura SAtlus USA has today released the first English screenshots for their forthcoming Wii™ RPG, Shiren the Wanderer, at the same time breaking the news that three online features from the original Japanese version of the game have had to be cut from the North American release.

    “Despite our best efforts, the North American version of Shiren will not include the Rescue, Versus, or Item Transfer online features,” said Aram Jabbari, manager of PR and sales at Atlus. “However, the downloadable dungeon content from the Japanese version will be included on the disc. Without these subfeatures, Shiren is still a fantastic RPG, one we hope all gamers can experience and enjoy. Still, we understand that the absence of these features may influence some fans’ decision to purchase the game, which is why we are bringing this to their attention as soon as possible.”

    The game received great reviews in the Japanese press, with prestigious magazines such as Famitsu rating it very highly (9/9/8/9).* The story is set in feudal Japan, where, as the wandering samurai Shiren, you set out on an epic quest to unravel the secrets surrounding the fate of a princess who has been sleeping for a thousand years in Karakuri Mansion.

    The North American version of the game will feature a brand new ‘Easy’ mode to gently ease newcomers into the gameplay. There will also be additional quests, super dungeons, a tournament, and the truly punishing 1,000-floor Millennium Dungeon.

    To learn more, you can read the official game blog here.

    Shiren the Wanderer is scheduled to be released in North America on 9th February 2010.

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    seems like a good review with high rateings ima say buy it for a time killer looks like a final fantasy type game play from pictures but with free control like dodgeing kinda like star ocean gameplay seems like the story line is like zelda save princess hmm i hope link gets a leash for those girls and uses it. but i do like the storyline there will be bosses as one of the pictures shows us. bottomline buy it
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