Horrible Histories: Ruthless Romans Coming To North America-1.052009-11-24 07:43:16Maura SGraffiti Entertainment Inc has today announced an exclusive distribution deal to publish Horrible Histories: Ruthless Romans, developed by Slitherine, in North America. In the game, which is based on Terry Dearyís wildly popular series of childrenís educational books, you follow the path of young slave boy Rassimus as he bids to become a gladiator in order to earn his freedom. Players get to explore ancient Rome under the rule of Emperor Commodus, with the ultimate aim of becoming a fully fledged gladiator and fighting other gladiators in the legendary Roman Coliseum.

As part of Rassimusís gladiator training, players must answer questions based on facts gleaned from books that can be found in various locations throughout the city. Other mini-games include memory, matching, colouring games, spot-the-difference and timed button-mashing interludes, making over 30 mini-games in total. As with the books, the emphasis is on some of the darker and more blood-thirsty elements of history.

Horrible Histories: Ruthless Romans will be released in Q4 2009.