New Monstecca Corral WiiWare Screenshots Released-1.052009-11-25 09:47:31WiiBritish indie games developer Onteca has today released four new screenshots from its forthcoming WiiWare game Monsteca Corral. The game apparently makes “extensive use” of the Wii’s 3d capabilities and is similar in feel to games such as Flower and Pikmin. The gameplay centres around trying to prevent robot invaders from taking over an alien planet inhabited by monsters. It’s your job as chief Monster Herder *to try and round up the monsters, known as Sdompe, and guide them safely across their home planet with your Wii Remote. On the way you will have to protect your Sdompe charges from the many dangers that they’ll come across as a result of the robot invasion.

“Monsteca Corral is a fast-paced, fun Action Strategy Puzzle game that has a new twist on an established genre,” said Jon Wetherall, managing director of Onteca. “This is a fun gamers’ game designed to appeal to those who enjoy a more pick-up-and-play experience. The game is aimed primarily at a younger market, however through its unique gameplay and cutesy style the game has the potential to appeal to all ages.”

Monsteca Corral is due to be released through the Wii Shop Channel in January 2010.