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    Wii Has 80% Share Of Female Console Owners

    Wii Has 80% Share Of Female Console Owners-1.052009-11-29 11:33:50Maura SAccording to this story on Kotaku, Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime recently made a presentation to a BMO Capital Markets event for game companies and investors in which he stated that the number of female “primary players” (the main console users in their home) was approximately one third of the number of male users. No surprises there, you’d probably expect the figure to be something in that region. However, Fils-Aime then went on to say that a staggering 80% (approximately nine million) of those female primary players were Wii owners, with Xbox 360 having just 11% of the female primary player market, and PS3 bringing up the rear with 9% of the market. *Interestingly enough, the figures don’t include portable consoles or personal computers. “This didn’t happen by accident,” said Reggie, in that meaningful way of his. “It’s the result of a deliberate attempt to expand the market.”

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    lol hi girls come play with my "wii". rofl.
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