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    Flowerworks Coming To WiiWare Next Week

    Flowerworks Coming To WiiWare Next Week-1.052009-12-02 17:14:10Maura SNocturnal has today announced that it’s launching the action-adventure game, Flowerworks, on WiiWare™ in North America on 7th December. The game has been in development for over 18 months, and combines flowers and fireworks! In the family-friendly game, the player takes on the role of Follie, an alien who crashes her ship into the planet Elilia on the way to take some Flowerworks seeds to her Auntie.

    As Follie starts to explore her surroundings, she becomes increasingly dismayed and depressed by the total and complete drabness of the planet, and vows to spruce it up with her Flowerworks! To help Follie improve the dowdy planet, you get to use the Wii Remote™ to grow flowers, explode fireworks, deal with annoying gnomes and pop bubbles. Flowerworks’ adventure mode features 50 distinct levels to complete, and there’s also a Quick Play Arcade mode. The game supports 480p mode and runs at 60-frames-per-second. Have to say, it looks like a lot of fun!

    To find out more about the game, check out the official website.

    Flowerworks will be available on the North American Wii Shop Channel for 1,000 Wii Points™ from Monday 7th December.

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