Special Animal Crossing Anniversary Cake Download Announced-1.052009-12-03 12:22:44Maura SNintendo has today announced that as a special gift to celebrate the one-year anniversary of the release of Animal Crossing: Letís Go to the City in Europe, an anniversary cake will be available to download from 5th to 21st December. You can find full instructions on how to get your hands on your virtual cake here, but the basic details are that it will be sent to your home mailbox in the game, provided you have WiiConnect24 turned on and set up to allow communication with other users in Animal Crossing: Letís Go To The City. The latter can be done via your telephone in the attic in the game. To receive the gift, you must also ensure that you talk to Rover on the bus to the city after finishing your part-time job. Note that each player can only download the special gifts once.