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    Fun Xercise Bike Available For The Wii

    Fun Xercise Bike Available For The Wii-1.052009-12-10 13:51:05Maura SIf, like a lot of people all over the world, youíre already using your Wii as part of a fitness programme with the Balance Board and Wii Fit or EA Sports Active, then why not go the whole hog and get a fully fledged exercise bike? Fundeniable has come up with this very interesting piece of equipment called the Fun Xercise Bike (FXB), which enables children and adults to work out while playing Mario Kart.

    ďOur goal was to make exercise fun and the feedback from users has been fantastic,Ē said Cynthia Saitta, CEO of Fundeniable LLC. ďThey are engaged in the video game and they forget they are getting exercise.Ē

    To use the FXB with your Wii, you first attach your Wii Remote to the steering wheel thatís fixed to the bike. The rate at which you pedal has no bearing on how fast you go in the game, itís only the steering thatís affected, so in theory you can keep pedalling at a steady rate and not have it affect your position in the game. It looks like the steering wheel is designed in such a way that you simply hold down the usual button on your Wii Remote to accelerate. The exercise bike has a four-function computer that tracks your riding time, speed, distance and calories burned.

    As early as January next year we should be seeing several similar exercise units available for the Wii, including the Cyberbike which has its own software programme for you to follow and is probably well worth waiting for, but if you canít wait until then to start pedalling away on your Wii, the FXB is available from Amazon.com or http://www.funxercisebike.com/ for $99.

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    Dude,You serious?I'm not even gonna answer
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    cool,i guess.
    And I can die now,Rebirth MuthaFuca.Hop on my spaceship And leave earth MuthaFuca.Im gone..

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    just go run 8 miles bums

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    Ugh i would like that just to excerise i doubt 3rd party game developers will use this 0' like the wiispeak

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