Trauma Teamís New Character Bios and Artwork Unveiled-1.052009-12-12 19:07:03Maura SIf like me youíve got a soft spot for the Trauma Center series of games on the Wii and DS where you get to perform operations on people mixed in with a usually fairly outlandish plot and anime style graphics, youíll probably be intrigued to find out about the new direction in which developer Atlus is taking the series. This time around, instead of focusing on one brilliant surgeon, the storyline will involve six different doctors, all very dashing and glamorous of course, including one who seems to think heís Elvis called Hank Freebird.

Six new characters means that you get to experience life as six distinctly different medical specialists, including a general surgeon, a diagnostician, an E.M.T., an orthopaedic surgeon, an endoscope technician and a medical examiner. And no, I have no idea what most of that means either, but they all sure look pretty!

Trauma Team will continue the series tradition of beautiful hand-drawn art and innovative animation. However, Atlus says that this time around it has also included elements of Western comic book art in the game design, as well as attempting to move away from the outlandish plotlines and more towards real-world medical procedures, hence the new medical disciplines and playable characters. Sounds good, as the operations were always the best part of the game anyway.

If you simply canít wait to get stuck in with your scalpel and stethoscope, then check out the official website for lots more details.

Trauma Team is due for release on the Wii in Spring 2010.