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    Its easy to copy paste a story its a bit harder to write your own.
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    castlezelda does awesome bringing the forum ALL of the latest WII news around the world. We have fun writing articles for the front page as well. More Wii News with different opinions and perspectives.

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    Quote Originally Posted by castlezelda View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by RivalDestiny View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Shadow*91 View Post
    Keep in mind some news articles will overlap and the credible source, where the article was originally posted, is SiliconEra.
    RivalDestiny, the "zii" news is posted by ME, I mostly post stuff BEFORE this asshole "wii news" Hell, I mostly DO the news on wii, wiiware OR vc...sick of this "Wii news" guy who overlaps MY news, like what the hell, i post stuff BEFORE HIM OR HER something, geesh f**kin wii news guy get a f**kin life.
    I understand that you are a ticked over this issue, but it really comes down to content rather than the topic provided. By simply quoting an article from another site does not warrant the rights to own it, it is the perspective and insight which makes it unique.

    If you feel like you are up for it, you can always apply to become a Wii writer and get recognized for your work. I see you being a very good candidate to be one.
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