Vegas Party Coming to the Wii in February-1.052009-12-17 15:20:07Maura SCasino-based games are usually a lot of fun, perfect for the holidays in fact, so it’s a bit of a shame for Enjoy Gaming which appears to have missed the boat slightly with Vegas Party not hitting the stores until February 2010. Even so, it looks like a pretty entertaining game to help get you through the New Year hump months. The game aims to bring the atmosphere of Las Vegas to your living room, with plenty of bright lights, crazy characters and even the odd shady hustler or two.

The ten featured mini-games include darts, blackjack, roulette, Texas Hold’Em and slot machines. There’s also a board-game style four-player race called The Strip (no, not what you’re thinking!), where you have to get to the end of The Strip before anyone else, facing numerous obstacles along the way such as penalty squares. Also on The Strip, you will find 15 casinos, all with their own unique themes, including Aztec and Area 51.

“This is a great party game for up to four players. You don’t have to be an expert to pick up, play and win – the real challenge is just holding on to your hard-earned points,” said Paul Tresise, managing director of Enjoy Gaming.