Calling Survival Horror Game Coming to the Wii-1.052009-12-17 19:36:05Maura S

Konami has today released some fresh screenshots from its forthcoming game Calling to remind us that the survival horror genre is still alive and kicking on the Wii. Due for release in early 2010, Calling is driven by a terrifying storyline and some very innovative gameplay. You start the game trapped in a room, with your Wii Remote acting as a real-life mobile phone. The speaker in the Remote will actually ring, and you have to pick it up and listen to the ghostly voice on the other end. Creepy!

The scary storyline is based on the urban legend of the Page of Black website, which was said to inflict a curse on anyone who visited it, causing them to die after falling into a coma. The site is a basic black page with a numeric counter in the middle. Linked to the site is a chat room that only certain people can enter. When you do manage to enter you will be transported to a mysterious area called ‘Border’, a state of limbo between life and death.

When trapped in ‘Border’, players will receive calls on their mobile phone/Wii Remote from the spirits that roam there, which sounds frankly very unsettling! They will also come under attack from the spirits while they try to solve the mysteries of ‘Border’ and look for a means of escape, although the gameplay is apparently more of a mix of exploration and puzzle solving than spirit bashing. Have to say, the unusual use of the Wii Remote speaker sounds really intriguing and interesting – can’t wait to play it!