Mega Man 10 Announced For WiiWare-1.052009-12-18 13:26:18Maura S

Capcom has today announced that the Amazing Cybernetic Dynamo, Mega Man, is coming to WiiWare in March 2010. Yes, Mega Man 10, in all its 2D side-scrolling NES-inspired glory, will soon be gracing your Wii. Join our hero in the year 20XX, as he confronts the menace of rampaging robots infected with Roboenza, a strange form of Robot Flu.

During the old-school adventure, Mega Man must face not only an army of berserk robots, but also plenty of bosses, each of whom has their own unique weapon and vulnerabilities. The design of all the bosses has been directed and supervised by the creator of the original Mega Man, Keiji Inafune.

New additions to Mega Man 10 include the option to play as Proto Man from the start, plus the all-new Easy Mode, intended to make the game accessible to those possibly less skilled in 2D retro gameplay. The Mega Man Challenges Mode will enable players to get some shooting practice in before embarking on the main adventure.