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    New Monster Hunter Tri Screenshots and Details Revealed

    New Monster Hunter Tri Screenshots and Details Revealed-1.052009-12-19 20:48:00Maura S

    Lots of people have been waiting a very long time for a Monster Hunter game to debut on the Wii, well now the wait is almost over, and as these brand new screenshots hot off the press from Capcom show, our patience will soon be rewarded! Monster Hunter Tri takes the player to an ecosystem where man and monster live side-by-side, not just on land as previously, but also now under the sea in the all-new sub-aqua environment.

    Monster Hunter Tri introduces an expansive story mode in which you play the part of a hunter investigating the frequent earthquakes that are disrupting everyday life in Moga village, at the personal request of the Village Chief. Undertaking this task adds a whole new element to your monster hunting. Now, not only will completing a quest earn items and money which can be used to upgrade armor and weapons, it will also provide you with items that can be used to repair the earthquake damage in the village.

    Multiplayer modes include a two-player split-screen co-operative mode, as well as an online WiFi mode where you can form a team of up to four hunters. In the single-player game you have added help from an AI companion, Cha-Cha, who has excellent hunting skills.

    As well as new creatures and quests, Monster Hunter Tri also introduces new weapons, armor sets and items, including an all-new weapon class, the Switch Axe, and a Torch that can be used to repel certain monsters.

    For those unfamiliar with the Monster Hunter series and wondering what all the fuss is about, the franchise has sold over 10 million units worldwide, and has so captured the fansí imagination that it has even spawned special Monster Hunter Summer Training Camps, Monster Hunter Festivals and a ton of merchandise, of course!

    Monster Hunter Tri will be released for the Wii in 2010.

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    how come the graphics look great this a wii exclusive?

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    sounds good
    cod WaW 193466594079
    cod Modern WARFARE 344443651533

    mario kart 1032-2550-9523

    ssbb code 2750-0769-4856

    add me if only your on my friend list.

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