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    The Most Expensive Console in the World?

    The Most Expensive Console in the World?-1.052009-12-20 13:52:16Maura SIf you’re still agonizing over what to get that special someone for Christmas and happen to have £299,995 burning a hole in your pocket, then all your problems are solved! Forget the Man with the Golden Gun, what about the Man/Woman with the Golden Wii? Thanks to acegamez.com for the heads-up about the golden Wii SUPREME, which has been designed and crafted by British designer Stuart Hughes and is available on his website. He claims that it’s “officially the most unique and expensive in the world,” and he’s probably right! The Nintendo Wii SUPREME took six months to create, and is made of over 2,500 grams of solid 22ct gold. The front buttons are set with 78 0.25ct Flawless diamonds. If you fancy playing New Super Mario Brothers on the most luxurious console in the world you’d better be quick though, as there are only three in existence.

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    didn't they do this with a PS3 as well?

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