Monster Hunter Tri Teaser Site Launched-1.052009-12-26 18:09:37Maura S

Capcom has today announced the launch of the Monster Hunter Tri Teaser site which you can check out here. When you click on the link youíll be confronted by a massive wooden door with a giant door knocker that you really ought to keep banging just to annoy the angry man hiding behind the door. If you bang it just twice, however, a Menu scroll will pop up at the top of the page, containing a treasure trove of Monster Hunter Tri goodies, including pictures and detailed descriptions of five monsters (Rathian, Barroth, Qurupeco, Great Jaggi and Lagiacrus), as well as weapons info, a fantastic trailer, lots of screenshots and all the latest Monster Hunter news. What are you waiting for monster hunters? Get over there now! But donít forget to keep checking back here at Wii Chat for all things Monster Hunter Tri.

Look for Monster Hunter Tri exclusively for the Wii in Spring 2010.