Trauma Team Behind-the-Scenes Videos Released-1.052009-12-28 17:49:02Maura S

Keeping up the cavalcade of Trauma Team goodness, Atlus has today released two behind-the-scenes videos to further whet your appetite for the medical sim. The first of the two videos focuses on the voice-over recording process, while the second introduces you to the voice actors themselves.

“With special thanks to the talented folks at PCB Productions, we’re able to take fans inside the voice recording process and show them how work is progressing on the upcoming Trauma Team,” said Crystal Murray, public relations specialist at Atlus.

In the videos, you’ll get to hear from the project lead and editor for Trauma Team, as well as Keith Arem, president of PCB Productions and lead recording engineer for Trauma Team. You also get to have a bit of a nose at people’s desks, which is always fun! Enjoy!

Trauma Team, the latest installment in the Trauma Center series, is currently scheduled for release exclusively for the Wii on 20th April 2010 with an MSRP of $49.99. It has not yet received a rating from the ESRB.