Fix It: Home Improvement Challenge Trailer-1.052010-01-06 17:24:58dascrow
This cute little DIY game from Spanish developer Freedom Factory Studios and French publisher Nobilis might not exactly be one of the year’s most anticipated blockbuster releases, but I have to say I kind of like the look of it! There’s something strangely appealing about doing basic DIY tasks such as banging in nails and sawing wood with your Wii Remote, and challenging your friends to beat you at a screwing-in-nails-a-thon! Certainly a lot more fun and a lot less tiring than doing it in real life! I really like the idea of transforming those beaten-down old rooms with your DIY skills! It looks like you could get a real sense of satisfaction from the gameplay. Won’t know for sure until we’ve played it of course, but it certainly sounds promising, with 30 tools to choose from and 13 missions to unlock, in locations ranging from your neighbour’s house to the Space Center. There are also more than 20 DIY, Decoration and Gardening-based mini-games for you to get your hands on. Look for Fix It: Home Improvement Challenge to hit the shelves of your local games emporium sometime this month.

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