Nyko Announces Charge Base Quad IC -1.052010-01-12 17:42:30Maura S

Nyko has just announced that they’ve revamped their Charge Base IC for the Wii, with it now being able to take up to four controllers at one time. The Charge Base Quad IC uses induction technology to charge up to four controllers, and as with the original Charge Base IC, the Quad enables Wii Remotes or Wands to be charged without having to remove silicone sleeves, Wii Motion Plus, or other attachments, and I’m sure those of us who’ve struggled to get that pesky cover on and off can all say ‘yay!’ about that! The unit features dual charge indicator lights and a powered USB port that can be used for charging other devices. It comes in both nifty black and classic white, and will be available at select retail stores nationwide in North America from March 2010, at an MSRP of $49.99.