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    Walk It Out Becomes Step to the Beat in PAL Territories

    Walk It Out Becomes Step to the Beat in PAL Territories-1.052010-01-17 08:42:07Maura S

    Isnít life great?! Only a couple of days ago I was bemoaning the fact that the fun fitness game Walk It Out! was only available in North America and not Europe, and now Konami has made my day by announcing that the game will be coming out in Europe this March, only itís already been given a bit of a make-over with a snazzy name change to Step to the Beat! Along with the name change Konami has also unveiled some new screenshots, as well as fresh details about the game. The area that you get to explore is apparently called Rhythm Island, and you can reach new areas of the island simply by continued movement and by accepting various challenges.

    After creating your avatar to use in the game, you start playing simply by moving (using either the Balance Board, Wii Remote and Nunchuk, or DanceDance Revolution controller). By continuing to move, you will earn musical notes which enable you to add buildings, access new items and extra music tracks, as well as opening up new parts of the island. If you return to the same location at different times of the day, youíll find new elements revealed to you. Itís a really fun way to keep track of your physical activity, as the game constantly monitors and displays the distance travelled, the steps taken and the items that have been found. Yes, I know itís essentially just walking around, but I like to look at it as a much cheaper version of a treadmill, with prettier scenery.

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    This so called game proves the point that games developers are treating the Wii as a joke in the eyes of everybody that calls them selfs gamers.
    Konami other consoles get a update of Sparkster the Wii gets this anal washout shovelware that can just about be called a game as it has a score board.

    I tell you what why dont they next make "Sit it down" so that those lardy twats can practice sitting down without breaking the chair.
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