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    Red Steel 2 Gets March 23rd Release Date

    Red Steel 2 Gets March 23rd Release Date-1.052010-01-18 21:00:02Maura S

    Fans waiting for news about Red Steel 2 will be glad to hear that Ubisoft has finally announced a release date for the sequel, with the Wii exclusive game now scheduled to be hitting the streets on March 23rd. *The highly anticipated follow up to the Wii launch game Red Steel, Red Steel 2 has been designed for Wii MotionPlus and features unparalleled control. Players will be able to pick up the Wii Remote and swing it freely as the on-screen sword follows their every precise move, and even measures the strength of their swing. The close-combat system enables you to fight up to six enemies simultaneously using either sword or gun, and there are numerous combos for you to master with both, including triggering finishing kills, parrying enemy attacks, and deflecting bullets with your sword.

    The first-person action game’s storyline centres around a mysterious swordsman who finds himself in the middle of the American desert armed only with a sword and gun.

    “Red Steel was a unique opportunity for Ubisoft to work in tandem with Nintendo to create a title exclusively for the launch of the Wii console,” said John Parkes, EMEA marketing director at Ubisoft. “Red Steel 2 is another milestone for the company as it is the first Ubisoft title with full Wii MotionPlus integration.”

    I know some people were disappointed with the first game, but the new cel-shaded graphics look stunning in the screenshots, so hopefully they’ve ironed out all the niggles from the first game and got everything spot on for the sequel. Of course we’ll have to wait and see how it plays to know for sure!

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    Not worth getting. They said it was gonna be online but it's obvious Nintendo can't follow up on their word.
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